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Request code

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Registration process:

1.Enter you country code in first box and enter your phone number in second box. Both the numbers should be excluding 0’s and +. Means if your country code is +012 and phone number is 034567890 then enter 12 in first box and 34567890 in second box.

2.Enter your Phones IMEI in the next box. You will get your IMEI by dialing *#06#

3.Choose your method as SMS or Voice. If you want the activation codes received as SMS in your phone then choose SMS or if you want to receive Voice call then choose Voice. Remember you will get SMS or Voice call in the phone number that you have mentioned in the second box. So choose the method carefully. Click on Request.

4.Now when you receive SMS or Voice call from Whatsapp then click on “Go for registration”.

5.There enter all the data that you have entered in the last page and enter 6-digit code given by whatsapp. Note: Don’t use the ‘-’ sign i.e, if they send 123-456 then enter 123456.

6.And Click on Register.

7.Now you will get the Hash code written above. It look like this: 6cbd8cd90adab925bc7a68f8d6ffbd5c